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When your family becomes involved in the juvenile justice system, you need someone on your side who understands families and understands the system. Karen M. Stenard has been an attorney in Eugene since 1997. Her practice focuses on representing children and families in Juvenile Court. She has represented thousands of families navigating the difficulties of DHS (Department of Human Services, Child Protection) intervention. DHS has a tremendous amount of power. A caseworker can summons your family to court, ask members of your home to live somewhere else, change custody agreements, access medical records and require you to engage in counseling or substance treatment. Karen has assisted kids, moms, dads, stepparents and grandparents challenging the intrusion of DHS. She also helps many families work cooperatively with DHS to preserve their family and obtain beneficially services which strengthen their family and improve their lives.

Juvenile Court is a unique court environment with rules and expectations which differ from adult criminal or divorce court. Karen has spent countless hours in Juvenile Court each week since 1998. She knows what is effective and what approaches get winning results. Her years of experience brings the zealous advocacy and authoritative advice you need.

Karen advocates for kids facing misdemeanor and felony charges in Juvenile Court. Karen has achieved excellent results for children charged with sex crimes, property offenses, homicides, weapon offenses and traffic crimes. If your child is wrongfully accused, they need someone who knows how to fight for them in the juvenile justice system. A youth charged with even a minor offense can be subject to the authority of the court and DYS (Division of Youth Services) or OYA (Oregon Youth Authority) for years. Families need experienced advice about their rights and options.

Karen also represents children in domestic relations (divorce/custody) cases.

Karen frequently presents at seminars for lawyers and other participants in the juvenile justice and child welfare system. She has served on a number of statewide task forces and committees which work to improve laws and policies which affect the civil rights and safety of Oregon's children and families.